A recent poll named skiers as the group with the best behinds, and I have to agree. One of my vanities involves my butt, and it's been a long time coming for me.

When I was a kid, I was so skinny that I had no butt, and that was one of the jokes that people made about me. Other favorites? I was so skinny, when I turned sideways you couldn't see a body, just a big head on a stick. Nicknames like 'sticks', 'twigs' and 'slim' followed me my whole life.

Then, in my late 20's, I remember a woman hollering something out a moving car about my 'NICE A**!' when I was walking down the street. Nice what? That thing that I thought just wasn't there had arrived, and I believe it made its appearance, not because of skiing down the hill, but rather walking up to find the turns.

I do think that the all the hiking I've done with super heavy gear on has manifested in my muscular caboose, and I couldn't have had any more fun developing it if I tried.

Here I am, striking my wife's favorite pose.

Here's me writing a poem about butts. Roses are red, my bottom bright white...

Here we are, looking better than we actually do because of Photoshop. Thanks Adobe!

Here's a studio shot of what my butt looks like when it is making radio.

And of course, who could do without the follow through on a nice golf swing? If it weren't for my butt, the ball would go nowhere!