Here's a benefit concert series, I've personally performed at in the past, it's the 4th Annual Concert for Bio-Diversity at Historic Rialto Theater to Benefit Idea Wild and it's coming up April 2nd. More info to follow:

Spring breaks as Idea Wild prepares for its 4th Annual Concert for BioDiversity, (formerly the SongPlanet Saves The Planet Show). The home for this show since its inception has been The Rialto Theater in Loveland. Hundreds of people each year come to the show and enjoy the entertainment and the education that has been lined up for their pleasure. The event is Saturday, April 2nd 7pm. Tickets are $17 and can be purchased at The Rialto Theater or at

Biodiversity has been named by National Geographic as one of the top 10 things most important to the health of our planet. Idea Wild works to conserve that very thing. A Ft Collins based non-profit, Idea Wild has spent the last 15 years doing tireless work funding projects across the globe that focus on the study and preservation of biodiversity. Its where we get medicine, clean air, food, water and so many other vital elements for the planet and for our survival. Idea Wild founder Wally VanSickle will give a multimedia presentation on Idea Wild's work and why biodiversity is important to us all.

Show sponsors, The Re-Direct Guide, The Landscape Doctor, Global Journey Music and others are bringing a great lineup to the show this year. Returning for their second year are the belly dancers of TribalTique belly dance company. They bring a beautiful, magical, rhythmical dance to the concert. A fusion of funky, traditional and tribal belly dancing, the ladies of TribalTique are always a crowd favorite.

In addition, we have co-headliner, Ft Collins very own Cary Morin and Pete Knutson on stage this year. Cary Morin is a staple in Northern Colorado and has spent 20 yrs with his world beat group The Atoll. Now he steps out with his solo career and this will be the first show after just signing a record deal with MusicMaker records and promoting his new CD release. Cary and Pete travel to Europe and have been playing theaters and Jazz festivals all over Europe. They will have some special guests on stage with them as well. We are pleased to have him at the Concert for Biodiversity this year.

The annual fund raiser concert has already funded projects on the Philippine Leopard Cat, The Ring Neck Otter in Africa, The Borneo Sun Bear and more. These projects are just a portion of the dozens funded every month by Idea Wild. A full list of projects can be seen at

Come out and join us for an evening of music, movement, magic and education. All profits will be donated to Idea Wild. For more information, contact Matt Unger at or by calling 970-222-8351.