There has never been a more revolutionary time than right now. Information has never moved faster, the world has never been smaller, yet we can still get away to a quiet corner of the world where things are as they always have been.

IMHO, these are my main reasons why there has never been a better time to be alive than right now.


You can give yourself a PhD in anything you want, and you can start today. Information, products and services have never been more available. Don't know how to do something? Your key to finding it lies within the last sentence. Just go to a search engine and type in 'how to _______'.


Granted, there are lots of rednecks, terrorists and other people who are so paralyzed by their own fear that they are still hanging on to hate. Those poor, pitiable folks aside, love is all around us. It's unfortunate that sometimes it takes a tragedy for a member of one political party to let a member of the other political party know that they love them and will help them with whatever they need, but the important thing is that the love is there.


Since the latter half of the last century, people have been identifying and studying the problems we regularly face in our society, and have set up organizations, clubs, and groups to help with them. Most of them are free. The overall desire is for people to quit smoking, drink less, eat better, exercise more, learn to read, stop doing drugs, improve their small businesses, create healthier home environments, rescue animals, adopt children and so many other things because when all these things happen, society is elevated.

If you aren't being helped with your problem, it's because you aren't asking.

Sharing is Having More

Even traditionally cutthroat businesses are realizing that deals are really only beneficial when they are good for both parties. In the past, a sale was a sale and whether or not it was good for the buyer wasn't the issue of the seller. Now, sustainability requires that our products and services be sold to the people who need them, not just to the people who we can convince to buy them.

Why do you love being alive right now?