Isaac Slade will join his bandmate Ben Wysocki in fatherhood. According to ABC News Radio, Slade's first child is due later this month. 

"I reserve the right, certainly, to duck out if I get that phone call, but, it's OK," he tells ABC News Radio, referring to the fact that his pregnant wife is waiting at home while he travels around with the band promoting Helios.  "We've been married for...almost eight years, and we've waited [to have kids] because we've both known that the single parent reality will be hers for, you know, however much we travel -- usually it's about six months a year.  So, we've been waiting, we've been preparing and getting ready for it.  We feel as ready as we can be."

Finding inspiration and information in musicians and performers who have been down the same road as he has been of benefit to the frontman of the Fray, a group that exploded out of Denver just after the turn of the century. He's been asking his friends in rock and roll who have kids for advice.

"I've really purposefully befriended some guys who've done the 20-records, 30-years, four-kids deal, and, all of them say the same thing," Isaac tells ABC News Radio, "Like, 'You bring the kids as much as you can when they're young and then you just get the hell home as many times as you can in between shows.'

[Source - ABC News Radio]