When most kids are three, they’re barley making sentences and may not be potty-trained. This kid sets a new model  for how a 3-year-old should be: A Killer drummer!

This little guy, Lyonya Shilovsky, has got it going on!  So smooth, so cool.  He knows what’s happening – he’s “Hey there- it’s just me..I’m going to sit over here and jam along with you guys. Cool? Cool.”  Then he seriously DOES play along with the orchestra!  Even after he drops a stick, he keeps his cool and gets back in synch to finish!  I bet he didn’t even need his dad there- if only to pick up that darn stick!

He reminds me of THIS little guy from way back when-

You go, Lyonya!

Drum kit photo: Best Choice Products via Amazon http://goo.gl/C08IcK