Actually, we have 4 things. After I published the post, I was reminded of another!

1. Uses Pillows

She rests her head right on them, as if they've been placed there just for her. Of course it's natural for her to enjoy sleeping on soft surfaces, but the way she positions herself indicates that she knows more about R&R than your average bear.

2. Likes to be bounced and drummed upon

I've found that she's not the only dog that seems to like this. She'll lie there while I try to recreate the whole drum part of 'Tom Sawyer'.

3. Snorts

Watch the video above. At :24 seconds in she lets out a snort. We interpret it as her way of saying "I don't like that I like this attention." Or something like that.

4. Gazes pensively

Sometimes, I will just catch her gazing off into space with a very considerate look on her face. I truly wonder what her thought processes are. I know she can understand  love, happiness, worry and other emotions, I'm just not sure how deep it goes. I think I believe she is deeper than she is, but I don't know because she doesn't speak English.