The nasty truth is that mother nature hasn't been too cooperative in the search for missing and unaccounted residents in the flood stricken areas of Colorado. In fact, the number of missing residents rose Sunday as rain showers continued to plague the already over saturated rivers, fields and roadways.


As of Sunday the number of people unaccounted for climbed to nearly thirteen hundred. Authorities don't think that they will realistically have to declare all of the missing people as fatalities, but they do need your help in finding them. If you know of anyone that has not been able to report their whereabouts, please have them contact the authorities.

5 fatalities have been confirmed and it is presumed that two elderly women in Larimer county are dead as their homes have been washed away or destroyed by the floods as they have not been heard from. Many people simply don't know what has happened to their loved ones. People from other states have contacted authorities after seeing their family homes on the television news reports with concern for their loved ones.

The numbers of damaged and destroyed homes since the start of the excessive rains last week continues to rise. The number of damaged homes is closing in on eighteen thousand; totals for destroyed homes are at or around seventeen hundred. The actual number of damaged and/or destroyed homes is still unknown but numbers will continue to rise.

In the rush to leave their homes, many people recall the final moments of walking out of their doors, for some the last time ever. I have read numerous stories of people grabbing their pets, their birth certificates, childhood memorabilia and what little they could. Many people that had to flee their homes were heard saying in that final moment, "you just don't know what is important until you have to grab and go." What would you grab? Pictures, documents, antiques?