It's pretty simple. He's one of the most talented men on the planet, and he's ill at ease with it. He's cool enough to make fun of himself in the intro, his comedic acting is very funny, and then when he takes the mic and goes on stage, he delivers the opening monologue like a pro. The guy is just smooth.

Reason #1

Watch the video above. That's why I love him.

The Burnaby, British Columbia native was joined by a slew of stars, including actor Gerard Butler, 'Live' host Kelly Ripa, Dr. Phil and more in his hilarious, self-deprecating intro reel.

The reel features the 'To Be Loved' (out now and available here!) singer asking various stars for hosting advice to no avail: either his chin isn't up to par (for the record, we think it's great), they get sidetracked singing Celine Dion (Ripa), hitting on hot girls (Butler) or simply not having too much faith in the poor guy (the doc).

The fun didn't stop once Buble got into the Regina, Saskatchewan arena, either. "Regina! The city that rhymes with ... fun," he deadpanned. We see what you did there, Buble!

Buble was honored to be hosting the annual Canadian music awards show, and his family -- including his absurdly stunning wife, Luisana Lopilato -- were on hand to show support .. and to giggle at more of his jokes. "I'm gonna be a dad," he smiled. "I have heard the horror stories -- you know, about no sleep and the late night feeds and the poopy diapers and the puking," he confessed. "Truth is, I think it's just like being on tour with Justin Bieber, so ..."

If music ever gets old for the 'It's a Beautiful Day' crooner, comedy would be a good career move. He's got the jokes, he's got the attitude and he's got the timing down pat!

Reason #2

He's helping us put on a contest that could send YOU to the Bahamas to see him in concert. That makes being on the air here even more exciting! Thanks, Michael Buble!