Yesterday was the very 1st Teacher Tuesday Presentation of the school year.  Congratulations  to Mr. Trent Baatz…this week’s Teacher Tuesday Winner. Mr. Baatz is a Math/English/Social Studies Teacher at Preston Middle School in Ft. Collins. He was nominated by student Blake Baer.

Teacher Tuesday is Sponsored by Hu Hot Mongolian Grill and Star Painter Productions!–Nominate your favorite teacher  fax 970-686-6666 or at to win a $25 gift certificate to Hu Hot Mongolian Grill in Ft Collins, a balloon arrangement, and a prize pack from K99 that includes an awards certificate and a 5-pack of CDs.

A big thank you to Drew from Star Painter from Star Painter Productions for shooting and editing this YouTube video.  We are required to blurr out the kids unless we have permission to show their faces. Wish we didn't have to do that. They were cute.