Did you take home the wrong chickens on Saturday? They want them back…seriously.

Last week there were reports about Grant Farms trying to find homes for thousands of chickens that they would no longer be able to care for. Well, a story in the Coloradoan as well as a Craigs List posting had a wrong address listed and people came and took chickens that belonged to someone else!

According to 7News,

People took several Americana hens that were in buses on County Road 72.  Organizers say those hens belonged to someone else and were not up for adoption. They are asking anyone who took those hens to return them.

I’m guessing most of the people that took these chickens were trying to be good people and give some of those chickens a good home, but ended up causing a big headache for someone else who wasn’t planning on giving all their chickens away. Oops.

The Grant Farms chickens are up for adoption because Grant Farms recently filed for bankruptcy. They had already had to slaughter thousands of chickens because they couldn’t feed them and are trying to find homes for thousands more.

The good news, is that the Coloradoan is reporting that at least 1,000 chickens found a new home over the weekend and were taken from the correct place. Money was also raised to help feed the other chickens for at least a little while longer.  However, there are still thousands of chickens that need to be taken care of. If you have the space or the need, there are still plenty of chickens looking to find a new home.

And if you have any info about the wrongfully taken chickens or maybe you took some yourself, please contact Teresa Redmond-Ott with the Hen Again program at henagainmentor@gmail.com and get those chickens back to their rightful owners.

Picture by SMcGarnigle, Flickr.