I know it seems like we're still in the middle of Summertime; but it's already the middle of August.  We'll be raking up leaves and breaking out sweatshirts before you know it!  One of my favorite parts of Fall is Halloween, and that's probably why this unique decoration caught my eye.

How would you like to have a 15' gargoyle towering over your Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween?

Keeping a nightly vigil like a loyal hound, the gargoyle squats on powerful clawed hindquarters and forefeet and moves its massive 3'-wide head 60º back and forth, providing a clear demonstration to n'er-do-well spirits that this yard possesses a preternatural presence demanding respect.

I've seen inflatable lawn decorations before, but none of them have been 15 feet tall!  If I had a lawn, I would probably already be saving up for this!

This inflatable lawn guardian will set you back about 380 bucks.  Kinda pricey; but it's still pretty cool, right?