He pledges allegiance to the two people who climbed the flagpole and made Old Glory their b#$%^#.

Festive holidays like this one sometimes inspire excess. Because don't you want to show off that American pride better than anyone else? If so, then take some fashion inspiration from these 11 super patriotic (but mostly questionable) 4th of July outfits.

Is that paint?

__apocalissa, web.stagram.com

Normal on top plus star spangled dancer on the bottom equals not the way to show American pride.

yeahcaleb, web.stagram.com

I will don my athletic American gear...and go to McDibs.

Wndws, web.stagram.com

I actually like the tears in the camo to show the American flag. I hate the headwear. Is that a leopard tail?

therealuncletuna, web.stagram.com

Hey Vinnie. Check out my spikes.

meetthemeetz, web.stagram.com

I pledge allegiance to your badonkadonk.

goldynluvsu, web.stagram.com

This is how the kids at school are standing around. #coolpose

em_pricey, web.stagram.com


beauty_fashion_xo, web.stagram.com
ashleyhohensee, web.stagram.com