This little girl is an amazing dancer, however, her choice (Or would it be her parents' choice?) of wardrobe and dance routine are stirring up controversy across the Internet.The clip is of a 10-year-old dance phenomenon who has plenty of videos online showcasing her talents, but this one just seems a bit 'wrong' to me.

Yes, the routine she dances is supposedly very challenging, but dressing up a 10-year-old in revealing clothing and having her shake it with some risque dance moves like this just doesn't seem...right.

I know the thought of just seeing my daughter do something like this in eight years terrifies me. The thought of encouraging it and posting it online is preposterous.

She's 10!

Just because she may not think there is anything provocative about the dance and the outfit, doesn't mean that some sicko pervert watching her videos thinks otherwise. As a parent I think you need to be aware and protective of things like that. I would assume there are plenty of complicated dance routines that don't look like they belong in a crunk rap music video.

I'm also not in the 'dance world' at all, so maybe this is just how it is for young dancers nowadays. Somehow, that is not very comforting though...

What do you think, is there anything wrong with this video, or is it just a young girl showcasing her dancing talents?