We hear enough about horses from my inimitable newscaster sidekick Susan Moore to make us feel like we have some of them. What better way to bring a smile to our faces than by looking at a bunch of smiling horses?

Truth be told, a picture of a smiling horse is probably funnier than the funniest thing you've ever said. There’s pretty much no way you can look at one and not crack a smile yourself. See what we mean below.

We're impressed with this guy's self-restraint.


That's more like it!

super_abi, web.stagram.com

So you're not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth...

animalsthatsmile, tumblr

But come on!


We'd be staring so hard.

idaengelsbak, web.stagram.com

Try not to.

evitis, tumblr

It's impossible.


So many teeth.

judussteer, tumblr

Basically we would be horrible gift horse receivers.

xxxskysthelimitxxx, web.stagram.com